What we do

Strengthen Employment Service Centers (ESC) based at local government offices to provide
one-stop support to returnee migrant workers, including:
General support on return and reintegration:

  • Information and counselling of returnee migrant workers and their families
  • Return and reintegration planning support to migrants, returnees and their families
  • Case-management for returnee migrant workers with increased vulnerabilities
  • Introduction of and linkages to digital services to facilitate return and reintegration

Support for Social Reintegration:

  • Provide guidance and facilitation for family reunification and social reintegration
  • Develop referral pathways to existing mental health and legal aid support services for returnee migrant workers in distress, including psychosocial counselling and addressing grievances.
  • Mobilization and capacity building of Returnee Migrant groups, cooperatives, associations and/or networks for peer-support and other supports

Support for Economic Reintegration:

  • Guidance on remittance management and increased access to financial products and services, including credit and savings facilities
  • Information and referrals on employment opportunities and job placements, as well as skills upgrading/ certification opportunities such as bridging courses and on-the-job training
  • Enhance Access to business development support services to the returnee migrant workers with the necessary skills and a valid business idea
  • Link to any available programs (public, private sector, non-government) at local, province and federal levels with benefits and opportunities for returnee migrant workers