Our Partners

The project engages with partners to bring various expertise for social and economic reintegration of returnee workers. Listed below are the main (contracted) partners of ReMi/Helvetas Nepal:

Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh)

Tdh Nepal provides international expertise and backstopping on themes of social protection and family well-being and contributes to the social reintegration of returnee migrant workers component within ReMI project. Tdh also brings expertise in digitalization and case management.

Centre for Mental Health and Counseling-Nepal (CMC-Nepal)

CMC Nepal supports on the development of modules and  building of local capacities for family counselling and family reunification support, also contributing to the social reintegration of RMWs

Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC)

DEPROSC supports on the development of modules and building of local capacities for supporting economic reintegration, specifically on linking for skills training/certification, jobs placements, entrepreneurship development and remittance management.

Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) & National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN)

ReMi envisions entering into a partnership with MuAN & NARMIN to support in building capacities of local governments in contributing to inter-governmental collaboration for increased policy dialogue and discourse on reintegration, as well as knowledge sharing of best practices in reintegration of returnee migrants.