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Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Workers (ReMi) Project is a bilateral initiative between Governments of Nepal and Switzerland. It is implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS), respective provincial line ministries (Province Koshi and Madhesh Province) and 20 participating local governments. The project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Helvetas Nepal provides technical assistance to the project on behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The ReMi project duration of the first phase is from 16th July 2022 till 15th July 2026. The overall goal of the project is that returnee migrant workers in Nepal have re-established themselves and actively participate in social, cultural, economic and political life.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are men and women returnee migrant workers (RMWs) who are returning to Nepal from country of destinations, primarily the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Malaysia.

The secondary beneficiaries are the service providers and private sector actors (private companies, cooperatives, civil society organizations). The ReMi project will cooperate with these actors and institutions on effective reintegration support services as well as the policy framework to institutionalize these multi-sectoral services. It will work with elected representatives at local and provincial level to strengthen their capacities in intergovernmental coordination and policy making. The project contributes to the implementation of the following policies and directives of the

Government of Nepal:

Fundamental Rights, Article 33 on Right to Employment
• Every citizen shall have the right to employment and shall have
the right to choose employment
Policies relating to Labour and Employment, Article 51 (i)
• To encourage to mobilise the capital, skills, technology and
experience gained from foreign employment in productive sectors
in the country
The Fifteenth Plan
(Fiscal Year
2019/20 – 2023/24)
• Returnee migrant workers will be encouraged to start businesses
by providing support in terms of technology, technical expertise,
and finance (5.6 Entrepreneurship Development)
• Knowledge, skills, and experience gained from foreign
employment will be certified and used in entrepreneurship
development (10.3 Labor and Employment)
Right to Employment Act
The federal, provincial and local governments of Nepal shall conduct necessary employment programmes to provide the unemployed person
with minimum employment - Programme scope:
a. Providing information relating to employment opportunities,
b. Providing employment-oriented and skill-oriented trainings,
c. Providing soft loan for self-employment through banks and financial institutions,
d. Creating self-employment,
e. Conducting other programmes as prescribed. · Local government
Employment Service Centres – information on employment
opportunities, linking unemployed to job opportunities, skill and
employment specific training, access to soft loans, support to
self employment, maintenance of unemployed records.
Employment Act
Mandates the Foreign Employment Board with responsibility for
reintegration through use of the foreign employment welfare fund for skill
and entrepreneurship training of returnees, for employment programmes
and safe houses for women returnee migrants in distress and to plan and
implement programmes for capitalization of returnee migrant skills and
Relations Act
Execution of concurrent jurisdiction – the following matters shall be
according to provincial law employment promotion, entrepreneurship
development, social security; · Coordination and consultation between
GoN and provincial governments while formulating laws and policies on
matters of concurrent powers; · Intergovernmental
coordination councils (National Coordination Council and Provincial
Coordination Council) and Thematic Committees (sectoral coordination).
Programme                     (Operation and
Management )
Directives for
Returnee Migrant
Workers 2079

Socialization programme 

Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme 

Involvement in Employment Programme

Integrated Labor
and Employment
(Operation and
Procedure, 2023
Section 3, Sub section 2: Labour and Employment Oriented
 a) Information collection, coordination, employment generation and
posting in employment.
 (b) Coordination and operation of skill-based and capacity development
(d) Activities relating to social and economic reintegration of workers
returning from foreign employment.
(e) Assistance in entrepreneurship development and business planning for self-employment.
(f) To operate and update the details of labour and employment related
information systems accessible at the local level.
Section 23 : Providing services related to reintegration: The
Employment Service Center will have to conduct activities related to
socio-economic and family reunification or reintegration to the workers or
their families returning from foreign employment in